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Mailing Lists

This page contains links to the different mailing list archives created by hypermail.

GG=Google Group
IMAP= IMAP email archives

BRAN mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
boulderfiber roster PDB/GG BRAN + BVSD + EAGLE-Net +Boulder County Fiber Owners
BRAN     BRAN Mailing List
BRAN-Tech     BRAN Technical Mailing List

FRGP mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
CDOT_HE_Fiber roster    
bison roster PDB/GG All BiSON
bison-outage roster PDB/GG BiSON Outage Notification
bpop roster PDB/GG Boulder Point of Presence - City, UCAR, NOAA
fi roster I FRGP Invoicing - NETS
fmc roster PDB/GG FRGP Management Committee
frgp roster PDB/GG FTC + FMC
frgp-bw roster I FRGP Bandwidth Changes
frgp-eng roster I FRGP NETS Engineers
frgp-inv roster I FI + Accounting + Sponsored Agreement
frgp-outage roster PDB/GG FRGP Outage Notification
frgp-perf roster PDB/GG FRGP performance monitoring (perfSONAR)
frgpi roster PDB/GG External Member FRGP Invoicing
ftc roster PDB/GG FRGP Technical Committee

NETS mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
cr-port-activation roster    
cr-nwsc-port roster    
en-colo roster I  
gc roster    
iptadmin roster I NETS IPT Team
na roster I NETS Administrative Assistants
nb roster R NETS Budget Team
ncab roster I Network Coordination and Advisory Board
ncabchair roster    
ncar-tg roster R XSEDE/Teragrid
ne roster I Network Engineers
nets roster I All NETS
nets-cad roster I  
nets-gis roster I  
nets-inventory roster I  
nets-jabber roster    
nets-locating roster I NETS Locating Team
nets-moves roster    
nets-oob roster    
nets-outage roster I NETS outage list
nets-phones roster I  
nets-power roster    
nets-recycle roster I NETS recycled team
nets-travel roster I  
nets-ups roster I  
nets-vacation roster I NETS vacation alias
nets-work roster I NETS Extraview Work Request team
nets-www roster    
ni roster I Network Infrastructure team
noc roster    
pdbnra roster I/IMAP PeopleDB Nightly Report Alias
port-activation roster    
pr roster I Purchase Requisition team
troika roster    
wc roster I Web Check team
wclp roster I  
wcsc roster    
wireless-wr roster I  

WRN mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
wrn roster I Western Regional Network (WPC+WTC)
wpc roster I WRN Policy Committee
wtc roster I WRN Technical Committee

Westnet mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
rmcmoa roster    
rmcmoa-pi roster    
rmcmoa-workshop roster    
westnet-cio roster I Westnet CIO List
wcsc roster I Westnet CIO Steering Committee     Westnet List - managed by CU-Boulder
wsteer roster PDB/GG Westnet Steering Committee

Out of use Mail Alias Archives

List name roster Type Comment roster I NLR Class B Members: Class B Research and Education Collaboration
jeffcosd roster    
scone10G roster    

Non-Archived mailing lists

List name roster Type Comment
nnag roster M NCAR Network Administrator Group

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