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NETS Diagrams

Other diagrams pages: BiSON, BPoP, BRAN, FRGP, WRN

PDFs of UCAR floor plans can be found at netserver:/usr/web/nets/internal/CAD_DRAWINGS/PROJECTS/Aruba/VisualRF Drawings

General NETS diagrams
Thumbnail Description Formats Date Artist Source
Palo Alto PDF 2019-10-22 Pete Siemsen, Paul Dial OmniGraffle
GLADE "NCARPD" 40GE Routing PDF 2017-05-17 Joey Mendoza Google Drawing
UCAR OSPF MPLS LDP PDF 2019-04-18 Matt Adler Google Drawing
MLO (Mauna Loa Observatory) Connectivity PDF 2019-05-10 Chris Zane  
MLSO (Mauna Loa Solar Observatory) PDF 2016-12-06 Scot Colburn Google Drawing
NWSC Campus PDF 2016-11-30 Teresa Shibao Google Drawing
Center Green IRU PDF 2017-01-03 Pete Siemsen Omnigraffle
UCAR Connections on BiSON PDF 2016-08-19 John Hernandez Omnigraffle
Infoblox PDF 2017-05-04 Pete Siemsen OmniGraffle
UCAR Layer 2 clickable GIF 2018-08-27 Teresa Shibao several visios
Marshall Field Site PNG 2018-09-25 Teresa Shibao Visio
Research and Education Network Hierarchy PDF 2014-08-20 Carlos Rojas-Torres Visio
DRAFT Higher Ed CDOT Fiber Map PDF 2014-05-05 Carlos Rojas-Torres  
VPN VLANs PDF 2014-04-11 Pete Siemsen OmniGraffle
spol PDF 2014-01-10 Pete Siemsen OmniGraffle
UCAR IPT Configuration (high-level) PDF 2013-08-09 Teresa Shibao OmniGraffle
IPT circuit detail GIF 2013-10-15 Teresa Shibao Visio
ML-FL backup wireless PDF 2013-01-09 Pete Siemsen OmniGraffle
NCAR - Teragrid PNG 2006-10-24 David Mitchell OpenOffice
ICG FRGP/NCAR (UCAR lease) JPG 2002-01-29 Jim Van Dyke Powerpoint
fl2-2069 closet GIF 2000-02-24 Scot Colburn  
MRI (UCB supercomputer) PDF 2010-09-02 David Wood  
UCAR/NCAR Boulder Campus Fiber Optic JPG 2011-11-28 Fabian Guerrero Visio
UCAR Border-FW2 PDF, PPTX 2019-09-18 John Hernandez

The thumbnail images used above were created using a command like the following on netserver:

convert -resize 120 <source-file> <destination-file>

The "convert" program is smart enough to deal with GIF or JPG input files.

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