Get and install Xerces


Web to the Xerces home page and click on Download.

cd /usr/src
tar xf Xerces-J-src.1.3.0.tar
rm Xerces-J-src.1.3.0.tar
tar xf Xerces-J-tools.1.3.0.tar
rm Xerces-J-tools.1.3.0.tar
cd xerces-1_3_0
make jars
make docs apidocs

The last step produced errors for me.

proteus# make docs apidocs
Building Stylebook docs in docs directory
mkdir -p  docs/html
java -classpath "./tools/xalan.jar:./tools/xerces.jar:./src:./samples:./tools/stylebook-1.0-b2.jar:" org.apache.stylebook.StyleBook "targetDirectory=docs/html" docs/docs-book.xml tools/style-apachexml.jar
[StyleBook] Overriding targetDirectory="docs/html" (Old=".")
[StyleBook] Project URL: "sbk:/sources/docs-book.xml"
[BasicEngine] Initializing
[Loader] Parsing Project file
[XalanProcessor] Applying XSL sheet "sbk:/style/stylesheets/book2project.xsl"
[Loader] Caught
[StyleBook] Caught org.apache.stylebook.LoadingException
org.apache.stylebook.LoadingException: No such file or directory
        at org.apache.stylebook.Loader.load(
        at org.apache.stylebook.StyleBook.getProject(
        at org.apache.stylebook.StyleBook.main(
[StyleBook] Error creating project
make: *** [docs] Error 3
I didn't care much, because it relates only to documentation. Maybe later I'll care.
Pete Siemsen
Last modified: Thu Feb 22 14:58:44 MST 2001