"Introduction To Computer Networking" slides

This Web page exists to provide a convenient place for people to find the slides from a talk titled Introduction To Computer Networking given by Pete Siemsen on April 18th, 1996. The slides were created using FrameMaker version 5.

When downloading the PostScript version of the slides for local printing, make sure your browser saves the file as text, not PostScript. When you print it, make sure your "print" command sends the file straight to the printer (use "lpr" with Unix, "DropPS 1.1.2" on a Macintosh). You'll have trouble if your print command tries to convert the file to PostScript first, which is what the Unix "enscript" command does. It's common to have an alias that runs enscript, so watch out. If your Web browser automatically starts a PostScript viewer, like GhostScript, save the file as "text" before printing it.

To download the file, click here.

Please send comments to Pete at siemsen@ucar.edu.

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