NLANR, Internet2, and End-to-End performance


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Table of Contents

NLANR, Internet2, and End-to-End performance

Who is NCAR?

Why pursue End to End Performance?

Who is solving the problem?

Who is NLANR?

NLANR helps optimize fast networks

Abilene Network

Networks link Gigapops

Front Range GigaPop

Who is Internet2?

Cool Abilene/I2 URLs

Fast Networks Enable Cool Applications : Access-Grid

Access-Grid Node

Access-Grid installation at Argonne National Lab

Fast Networks enable Earth Systems Grid

Earth Systems Grid

End-to-End performance problem remains

How to increase network performance

Bandwidth-Delay Problem

The Wizard Gap

Bandwith-delay solutions

Web100 moves data fast

The Web100 Solution

Web100 Implementation

Web100 Sample Demo Output

Web100 GTK GUI

Web100 still under construction

Other NLANR TCP tuning tools


Questions? Perguntas?

Author: Scot Colburn


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