NETS Retreat 2009-08-07

* reference the agenda

* Meet with Anke Kamrath at next NI slot; she wants strategic
direction and where we think NETS will be a year from now;
__ refer her to the NETS strategic plan?

* Went over CISL and NETS org chart
__ need to add David Waltman to the NETS org chart

* See Marla and Jim's slides for leadership and ownership discussion.

* Refer to team lead document

* NETS: emphasis on quality and service

* What about developing a NETS template?
-- e.g., for a web page project or wiki project
-- a starting point for projects....
-- checklist starters, etc.


Fabian, Paul: allocation of staff

* reference their slides

__ post everyone's slides (and the consolidated notes) to a NETS
retreat page?


* primary, secondary, team: roles and definitions

* Reference Fabian's MS Project list
__ post this as PDF someplace where the NETS retreat notes go?
-- add Internet2 and NLR to the 1-13 list?
-- this is a first step; so as part of ongoing NI, NE, and NETS
meetings--keep this up to date and be a bit more formal with project
management techniques?
-- Q: who is lead on coordinating this for NETS and each subgroup?
and since we lost Enact--what is the consensus method to do this?
-- emphasis on deadlines and staffing (so mgt can check at a glance
where things are in the big picture)
-- MS Project for NWSC for sure; what about for other NETS projects?
__ in John's talk (?): go over some options and decide on a NETS
standard that will work (at least at a high level)....

* review on ONGOING responsibilities matrix (Paul)

__ should put an 'as-of' or 'last reviewed and updated' date on this

-- only changes noted here--we went through each one (I sent this
list to Paul as well--I think he noted each for updating)

-- add Teresa to S or T for UCAR routing
-- add Paul as team to routers/switches
-- put Pete as secondary for 'comment field documentation'
-- change config scanner to 'config checker'
-- john as team on security (change name to 'network security')
-- ATM: leave as is for now (probably no need to change as ATM
should be gone in a year or so)
-- should we move these categories by function (instead of alpha as
they are now?)--maybe discuss later (will be a big change)
-- BRAN: add mikie and jerome as team; add FG as secondary; JV stays
primary; DH stays
-- take JH out of T for Westnet
-- add JH as team for FRGP/UPOP/BPOP/bison mgt
-- remove BH from FRGP/U/B operation
-- remove mjm from team on teragrid
-- ip multicast: jc to team; pd to team; dm lead jh secondary
-- condense the 4 physical infrastructure lines into one (since they
are all the same now and will stay that way);
-- ba to secondary for fiber documentation; remove mjm; add ac to
-- mfs wan kits--switch to PD primary; RM secondary; JC team (or
somebody else)?
-- gis--jc to team here (pending ok from jv and mjm)?
-- nwsc wan--pending further reorg; for now put jv and mjm as
secondary; BA and FG to team once we have it in place and operational;
probably break it out into acquisition phase then isntallation phase
then maint/ongoing phase?
-- change project planning spreadsheet to 'large equip planning
tool' or something else (equipment planning spreadsheet? eol list?);
epp--equipment purchase planning? equipment planning spreadsheet (EPS)
-- add BH to autocad licensing
-- add jv as team to ups; remove pd as secondary; ed primary; del
secondary; ts team; jv team; add armando as team also
-- add jerome as team to grounding
-- firestopping: all techs as team; jv as team
-- fabrication--change name to cable fabrication (media fabrication)
-- add ps as secondary to labeling
-- general network documentation--move jc to team and other (DM or
JH?) to secondary--pending outcome of this afternoon's discusion
-- pd to accis and jv off; change accis/chair to just accis
-- ed team for van mileage
-- hardware inventory (add property inventory as name?)
-- remove the analysze switch real estate line
-- add fg to test equip inventory
-- add fg as secondary to gis license server
-- add jv to team for env monitor; combine the ups/power and env ones?
-- paul asked about a poe monitoring line--add that? yes--add that--
who is primary and secondary for that?
-- phone check add item: missing phone check; jm and who?


Major projects to add for next year (reference Fabian's spreadsheet;
which we can fill in later from these additions below):

* add 10G 'BiSON upgrade project'; that will happen in the next year
and be a lot of work

* replace WAN APs, so add that as '802.11n upgrade' item or

* split wild oats into LAN and WAN -- 2 separate items; tie in to

* add CG1 sprinkler; through CG1 basement telco room

* ref separate UPS and WWAN schedules for replacement
--e.g., Jeffco WWAN analysis

* add the 'hardened switches' to this list; new pedestal switch
install (or call it 'industrial strength switch upgrade')

* CG2 UPS upgrade (will happen in over a year); this one should be
separate because of floor issues? we'll still have the separate UPS
schedule which is maintained.

__ note to check the equipment planning spreadsheet for what is and is
not on there--other major upgrades to add here from that?

* check Jim's PPS notes

* RAL items:
1) FL2 remodels
2) RAL to ML-29?
3) EOL in FL1

* add a 'WRN engineering' item; once we are past the initial stage; if
it happens, add this build component.

* note the ongoing resp matrix is not this--this one is for big
separate definable projects.

__ we need to talk about assignments for time for these and look for
staff shortages and overlap issues.


* ref JC slides (_X_ send to NETS)


* John's talk--NETS large project coordination

* how can we leverage past projects? what worked and what didn't?
* can we develop a template for each type?
* what is current in the 'archives' that really should stay current
because it has the most up to date information?

Note: general agreement that the NETS definition of 'project' means
that it has a clearly defined beginning and end;

Ongoing maintenance activities (e.g., BiSON and who is responsible
for that) versus projects.

-- separate discussion later on organization of those files (wiki,
web, etc.)

__ we will likely need a separate follow up discussion about large
project mgt s/w? e.g., who is using MS Project? is there some open
source that might work? should we license something else that is
server or web based? John has a list (from JC's old list); PD has a
few to consider.


Pete's talk

* ref Pete's slides

* for diagrams: keep source and other in same location (e.g., PDF and
the source)

* hopeless cause for standard on diagram programs; but we do need
source files

__ do we still want/need the msrestore scripts for mass store backups?
probably not because we have multiple config locations now.

__ Q: what about imap access to archives for local searching? David
will investigate and follow up later.

Future possibility: NETS going to CISL Notifier system?

Try to use meeting maker whenever possible to schedule rooms; avoid
using the ucar room reservation system--there are conflicts
there.....meeting maker system is supposed to be authoritative for
most CISL rooms NETS would want to reserve; but you can proxy for nets
admin to room reservation system so others could change it.....

Assignment question regarding ISP notice outages--who should be
responsible for placing that on the NETS change MeetingMaker calendar?

Susan is the 'property admin' for NETS (for over and under $5K)
-- this also includes equipment moves
__ make sure this is on the equipment move (or change) checklists (?)

* note that the machine room add/remove form will soon be for each
machine room (currently it is only for ML-29)

* if you are team lead, you may want to cc the group on PR approval
updates; status and questions.

wc (at) for web links fix (web check alias--good coverage to
ensure it is done)


wrap up:

* MS Project--server version: DSG support? Or run on nets-db?
--who else in NETS needs it (client server version)
-- JC/PD/JH--do one last look at alternatives? that might be cross
platform and interact with MS Project?

__ switch responsibilities matrix to xcel spreadsheet;

__ put extra emails on PRs

__ add a NETS training topic for phone tips tricks (phone and VM)

__ send Marla comments on this; how often? was it useful?