Westnet Meeting Host Checklist and Procedures

In Cooperation with UCAR

Responsible Party(ies) Description of Task Status Date Completed
Host Reserve a classroom style room with plenty of power for laptops, wireless service and capacity for 30-40 people.    
Host Contact local hotels and obtain block of hotel rooms if needed. The number of locals attending the meeting will help determine rooms needed. Try to negotiate a "no penalty" contract for rooms that are not reserved within the number of blocked rooms. See sample contract here (pdf).    
Host Provide all logistical information to marla@ucar.edu such as lodging, dining, meeting specifics, and transportation alternatives. Directions and/or maps from airport to hotel and from hotel to meeting location(s).    
UCAR Update the logistics page for both Westnet and Westnet CIO web pages. See example here. (html)    
UCAR Enter registrations into the CIO and Westnet attendee lists as they are obtained. (html)    
UTAH Keep track of payments received for both CIO and Westnet meetings. Contact Wendy Janversan with any questions or concerns at wjanversan@media.utah.edu.    
UCAR Coordinate catering for breakfasts, breaks and lunches during both CIO and Westnet meetings. Sample catering outline here (html). Westnet pays for catering and invoices go to Wendy Janversan at University of Utah. Please include Wendy in contractual information and invoicing via email at wjanversan@media.utah.edu.    
UCAR Make reservations for CIO dinner the night before CIO meeting. Send detailed information on logistics to CIO participants.    
UCAR Create name tags for both CIO and Westnet meetings. (ppt)    
UCAR Print CIO and Westnet agendas and attendee lists.    
UCAR Create "Westnet Only" food signs (doc) and "Recycle" signs (doc) if needed.    
Host Provide to marla@ucar.edu contact information on host or someone local that can be reached if problems occur during meetings.    
UCAR Print Westnet Meeting checklist to take to both CIO and Westnet meetings. (html)    
Host Verify that there are tables for food, trash cans and recycle bins nearby.